The songs in Pree's upcoming album, Rima (which takes its name from geologic fissures on the moon), feature a series of interpersonal confrontation--interactions enhanced and at times distorted by the narrator's own fractured understanding of others.  They are sent off in an outpouring of letters centered around longing and expectation, whose imposing jaws are often only capable of ensnaring disappointment and heartbreak.  They reveal truths in a harsh light, at times exposing wide expanses between friends and intimates who have spent time enough apart to approach each other with near-scientific objectivity.  Other expanses, still narrow and tender, take the form of defensive trenches or reasons to raise one's voice to a figure not yet out of earshot.  

Whether the gaps have taken a lifetime to develop or appear abruptly and perhaps through self-infliction, the letters in Rima remain unanswered, prompting the sender to draw her own conclusions regarding those close to her.  The album is a study in these divergences of personal relationships and how the narrator copes with their implications as she seeks to define herself and determine what to leave behind and what is worth hanging onto.

Pree is:

Ben Usie
May Tabol
Benjamin Schurr


Album/Website Artwork Courtesy of Rhona L.K. Schonwald 
Photo: Shervin Lainez